Alison in her studio
Studio View
Alison's tool and supply storage
Alison's studio - Wall of notes for The Tuba Thieves, feature length film she is currently working on
Alison in her kitchen under collection of paper cutout scherenschnittes by Ruth Swan Mohney, the artist's late maternal grandmother and inspiration
Lithograph print by Alison O'Daniel and Scoli Acosta
A letter from Ronald Reagan sent to Alison in 1985
Alison's bedside table with portrait of her Dad from the 70's

Alison O’Daniel

Images by Jan-Willem Dikkers

Alison O’Daniel
Alison O’Daniel is a Los Angeles-based visual artist from Miami, Florida. Her work weaves narratives of aural sensitivity and experience between the mediums of film, object-making, and performance. Through her collaborations with deaf and hearing composers and artists, her work invites sensitivity to loss and abundance of sound and its impact on social situations. View more of her work here.