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Martynka Wawrzyniak, born 1979 in Warsaw, Poland, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY as a conceptual, multi-media artist whose research-based projects involve ... More

Martynka Wawrzyniak

by Jan-Willem Dikkers

Roxane Mesquida is a French actress who plays Severine in director Gregg Araki’s comedy series Now Apocalypse (2019). She starred in Araki’s ... More

Roxane Mesquida

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Stevie Scott is the frontwoman of Los Angeles-based indie pop band Machineheart, comprising Harrison Allen (drums), Carman Kubanda (electric guitar) and Jake ... More

Stevie Scott

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Born and raised in Florida, Bailee Madison has been acting since she was five years old. She is known for her roles ... More

Bailee Madison

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From Vancouver, Canada, Genevieve Buechner is an actor featured in Lifetime’s hit show UnREAL (2015-). Buechner has appeared films such as The ... More

Genevieve Buechner

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New York born actor Sophia Lillis stars in the 2017 film adaption of Stephen King’s famous sci-fi novel It. She has starred ... More

Sophia Lillis

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Actor Francesca Reale plays Miranda’s exasperated, voice of reason and normality sister Emily on the Netflix series Haters Back Off! (Starring Colleen ... More

Francesca Reale

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Allie and Lexi Kaplan are identical twin artists who work as a collaborative team. Their work explores the complex nature of the ... More

Kaplan Twins

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Film and television actor Tara Lynne Barr currently stars as Laura, the witty and sarcastic daughter of Valerie (Michaela Watkins) in the ... More

Tara Lynne Barr

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An actor who grew up between Florida and Jamaica, Antoinette Robertson leads Justin Simien’s Netflix series Dear White People as Coco Conners. ... More

Antoinette Robertson

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Actor Medalion Rahimi currently stars as Elody in the 2017 mystery Before I Fall, opposite Zoey Deutch. Rahimi also has many past ... More

Medalion Rahimi

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Caitlin Stasey is an Australian actor and documentary director who currently stars in the series Reign and Please Like Me. Her acting ... More

Caitlin Stasey

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Karina Fontes

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LA Weekly names Colleen Green “Best Solo Artist 2015” Raised in Massachusetts, Colleen Green relocated to LA by way of Oakland’s DIY ... More

Colleen Green

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Born in Seattle, Washington, Emma Dumont began ballet training at the age of three and has been an actor since landing a ... More


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